Welcome to the Alignment Blog

I am the founder of The Sales and Marketing Alignment Summit I created this blog to share the latest insights on the subject. The summit was created because I saw a need for Sales and Marketing professionals to join collectively to unlock insights on how to work together better and focus on generating revenue. My vision is for this community to become the go-to place for business professionals focused on growth by aligning Sales and Marketing. In today's consumer-driven economy, more and more companies are making Sales and Marketing Alignment a stated goal. However, this goal has proven to be extremely complex and challenging. Sales and Marketing leaders must understand that solutions cannot only be focused on technology but must include a fundamental shift in the way that Sales and Marketing interact with each other to drive revenue growth.

The goal of the SMA Summit is to bring together top sales and marketing professionals to discuss the latest insights on Sales and Marketing Alignment, tactical implementation into the organization, and foster a collaborative business community focused on growth through better alignment.

The Summit and blog will focus on

  • Establishing a connected Community
  • Finding the best Content for members
  • Fostering Collaboration among business professionals focused on growth through better alignment.

Welcome to the blog and community! Stay tuned for the next event…