Why I created the first Sales and Marketing Alignment Summit

Out of frustration! That's the simple answer. Because I spent almost all my career in Sales and Marketing, I saw first-hand the dysfunctional and sometimes combative environment that existed. And for what? Did these groups not understand that they needed each other for survival? This is why the Sales and Marketing Alignment Summit was born. I decided to do something about it. Instead of just saying that's the way things are, Sales and Marketing will always have this relationship, I decided to try to figure it out. I knew there had to be a better way. I'm a believer that many conflicts can be resolved by having an honest conversation, truly listening, and gaining a deep understanding of the other person/group. I don't think this relationship is any different.

What I found through my journey of discovery was that there was a common theme - misalignment of goals/incentives. I believe that until both sides of the aisle make generating revenue the #1 priority, companies will continue to leave a significant amount of money on the table with customers. This is an opportunity to build a business community of professionals all focused on growth through better alignment.

"The goal of Sales and Marketing Alignment (SMA) is to create "Togetherness" where both functions are completely committed to make generating revenue the #1 priority." --Jeff Davis

So...on Thursday, November 3rd the first-ever Sales and Marketing Alignment Summit will be launched. The SMA Summit's goal is to:

  • Establish a connected Community
  • Find and curate the best Content for members
  • Foster mutually beneficial Collaboration that leads to significant business growth

Take a look at my recent interview on AdvisorTV to learn more about how I am changing the way that Sales and Marketing work together. If you are in Chicago you should join us at The Summit on Thursday, 11/3 @ 6pm!

Yes! I want to attend the Sales and Marketing Alignment Summit.


[Press Release]: The Sales + Marketing Alignment Summit has officially launched