Pipeline Marketing must include Sales in 2017

As B2B companies look into 2017 they should not only look at how Marketing can generate more revenue but how Sales can help pull through these strategies. It will make the job of both functions easier if they have a conversation about the pipeline marketing strategies that will be used. This knowledge can help Sales understand more clearly how they can benefit from the activities that Marketing plans to execute. The 2016 State of Pipeline Marketing Report (sponsored by Bizible, Heinz Marketing, Radius, Reachforce, and Uberflip) shares a lot of strategic and tactical information that many B2B marketing teams can benefit from. Beyond just reviewing the marketing plan for 2017, marketing teams need to explore how their sales colleagues can benefit from each of the strategies to help drive revenue. Questions should be asked like - "How can Sales help pull through our email marketing campaigns?" or "How can we help Sales follow up on potential leads after conferences or other events?"

In a recent article titled "How B2B Marketers Generate Revenue — State of Pipeline Marketing 2016"  the author shares some great infographics that illustrate how B2B marketers are generating revenue for their companies. I think this information provides a perfect template to review and see how Sales can be involved in the type of activities that are being used in pipeline marketing today.  Starting with the top most-used channels is the best way to create momentum for the team.

Top channels for B2B Marketing

  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • SEO (tied)
  • WOM / referrals (tied)
  • Conferences / events
  • Paid search

Let's help Sales and Marketing drive revenue together!