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I help B2B leaders get Sales and Marketing on the same page and focus on revenue generation. Leaders must learn how to cultivate a shared vision so that these teams know how to collaborate effectively. I call it creating "togetherness" 

If what you are doing now isn't working for you to hit your revenue goals, then let's discuss how I can help you transform your team at your next conference, convention or meeting.   


- Speaking Topics -

Togetherness: Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment

Learn how today’s B2B organization is negatively impacted by marketing and sales misalignment and a framework to start the process of transformation to achieve increased alignment a higher revenue growth.

Building the Business Case for Alignment

Getting key stakeholders to focus on an alignment transformation can be difficult. Learn how to build the business case for why your leaders should support an effort to align sales and marketing for sustainable revenue growth.

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- Thoughts from the Crowd - 

"Jeff's presentation style without a doubt keeps the attention of the audience. He has a great way of mixing together data and insights to inform the audience along with giving practical advice on what people should be doing differently"  -- Aurelien, Digital Marketing Manager, Paris-based Tech Company

"Jeff really gets how to help Sales and Marketing leverage each other to focus on increasing revenue for the company. His talk was both informative and practical"         -- John, General Manager, CPG Company

Jeff Davis was instrumental in helping us formulate a sales plan and marketing strategy that was a good fit for our corporate personality and easy to implement for our startup. He also helped us form an approach to storytelling to drive our messages to key target customers.  -- Donna, President, Digital Book Publishing Company