EP. 12 - Buyers Want To Hear From You Early In Their Journey w/ Mike Schultz

This episode I speak with Mike Schultz. He is the Founder and President at RAIN Group - a global sales training and performance improvement company that unleashes sales potential by delivering transformational experiences for clients. Beyond being a world-renowned speaker, researcher, and sales expert, he is also the author of the Wall Street Journal best-seller “Rainmaking Conversations”.

Business Week, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, American Express OPEN, MSNBC, and hundreds of others have interviewed and featured Mike's original articles, research, and white papers. He has often appeared on top-ranked radio, TV, and podcast programs to discuss various sales topics and research findings. 

What you'll learn from our conversation:

  • The fact that buyers actually want to hear from sellers much earlier in the buying process and why

  • How the Paradox of Choice is killing your deals and what to do about it

  • The 2 most important questions you must be able to answer for b2b buyers today in order to get their attention and actually close business

Additional Links:

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