EP. 13 - How to Create a Revenue Tech Stack that Wins! w/ Nancy Nardin

This episode I speak with Nancy Nardin - Founder of Smart Selling Tools and Co-Founder of Vendor Neutral - a company that helps enterprises identify technology requirements and discover practical industry solutions personalized for where they are in their technology journey.

She is an expert in Sales Technology and Sales Transformation backed by 25+ years of experience as a sales executive in information technology and services. Her customer list includes Fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and Hewlett Packard as well as many of Silicon Valley’s hottest start-ups.

What you'll learn from our conversation:

  • It’s no longer about MarTech or SalesTech, it’s about building an effective Revenue Tech Stack

  • The basic Revenue Tech you need to empower your team to close more deals

  • How AI is helping us sell smarter and more efficiently

  • Why leadership needs to invest more budget in SalesTech immediately

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Music/Production: Chris "KID" Robinson, Hitmakuzz Productions
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