EP. 11 - Fix Misalignment By Indentifying The Root Cause w/ Peter Strohkorb

This episode I speak with Peter Strohkorb - Founder/CEO of Peter Strohkorb International. He is a consultant and author of "The OneTEAM Method". He focuses on aligning Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience (CX) with the way customers want to buy to make companies a customer magnet. 

What you'll learn from our conversation:

  • Peter's "aha" moment about the way Sales and Marketing interacted with each other in the corporate setting

  • An alignment test that shows you how well your Sales and Marketing teams are actually collaborating

  • What happened in the 90's that caused today's current state of misalignment

  • Who should "own" alignment between Sales and Marketing within the company

Additional Links:

The OneTEAM Method (Peter's Book on Amazon)


The Moment I Knew Sales + Marketing = Genius! (The Alignment Blog)

Connect with Peter on LinkedIn here

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