EP. 28 - Tie Marketing Compensation to Revenue For Better Results w/ Adam Goyette

This episode I speak with Adam Goyette, VP of Marketing at G2 Crowd. Adam has over 15 years of experience developing digital, social, and content marketing strategies that drive customer engagement, lead generation, and revenue growth.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • How to transform into a more data-focused and insights-driven organization

  • Getting away from vanity metrics to focus on those that are connected to business outcomes

  • Ways to increase your knowledge of how buyers are interacting with you throughout the entire revenue funnel

  • The best ways to demonstrate marketing ROI

Additional Resources:

Connect with Adam on LinkedIn

“4 Metrics You Must Track For Alignment” (The Alignment Blog)

Music/Production: Chris "KID" Robinson, Hitmakuzz Productions
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