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I'm a marketer with the soul of a sales guy and I help B2B marketing and sales leaders strategically align their teams to drive revenue growth!

Having worked in both sales and marketing for nearly 15 years, I truly love both and intimately understand how much these teams need each other to be successful in today's business environment. Because misalignment between sales and marketing technologies and processes costs B2B companies 10% of revenue or more per year, my goal is to help mid-sized B2B companies learn how to strategically align these two highly interdependent functions in order for them to more effectively drive quality lead gen and close more deals.  

You should work with me if you are a B2B marketing or sales leader and are experiencing things such as:

  • Low attainment of sales quotas
  • Poor quality leads from Marketing
  • Weak opportunity pipeline or stagnant growth
  • Dysfunctional relationship between Sales and Marketing
  • Confusion about how to get started on aligning Sales and Marketing in a meaningful way

Excited to work with your team to "create togetherness" and help drive revenue growth for the organization. 

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Jeff Davis presenting at Sales Intelligence Paris about the need to strategically align B2B Sales and Marketing in Europe and beyond. 

I help B2B leaders get Sales and Marketing on the same page and focus on revenue generation. Leaders must learn how to cultivate a shared vision so that these teams know how to collaborate effectively. I call it creating "togetherness" 

If want your doing now isn't working for you to hit your revenue goals, then let's discuss how I can help you transform your team at your next conference, convention or meeting.  

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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The Sales and Marketing Alignment (SMA) Summit is an executive peer-to-peer event series that was created to bring together sales and marketing leaders to discuss the latest thought-leadership on sales and marketing alignment as well as develop actionable insights for companies struggling to achieve alignment that drives revenue. 

The SMA Summit's goal is to become the preeminent place for all business executives to be able to learn from each other and develop collaborative relationships that enable them to lead their organizations better. 

The SMA Summit:

  • Creates a Community of connected and engaged leaders

  • Curates the best Content and thought-leadership for executives 

  • Fosters Collaboration between like-minded businesses 



Let's connect!

I'm focused on helping B2B leaders align Sales and Marketing like never before. Join me in creating "togetherness" to help today's companies drive revenue.

For speaking, coaching or consulting opportunities connect with me at:

Email: jeff@SMAsummit.com

Phone: 708.628.7913

Twitter: @jeff_davis2

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