EP. 23 - Video Data Tells A Ton About Buyer Intent w/ Tyler Lessard

This episode I speak with Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing at Vidyard. Tyler has over 15 years of experience in b2b marketing, sales enablement, content marketing, brand, and video. Throughout all these experience he has always taken a customer-centric approach to problem solving, creative storytelling, and data-driven marketing.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • The reasons behind why video has become so popular with b2b companies

  • The 4 E’s of successful video psychology

  • The hidden rich data that video provides and how sales and marketing leaders can leverage it to better understand the buyer

  • How brand leaders can support sales reps creating personalized video without losing brand equity and consistency

Additional Resources:

Chalk Talks - Vidyard’s Video Series

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Music/Production: Chris "KID" Robinson, Hitmakuzz Productions
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